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Beautifully designed and developed commercial and promotional sites for your business.
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About Hibernian

We are a family-run web agency, based in Santry, Dublin, who provide a wide range of services to help our clients grow their businesses and brands through making the best use of their online presence.  From web design and development to hosting, we are a one-stop shop to help you succeed online.

How Hibernian Can Help You

We offer a wide variety of services to help you stake out your place on the web.  We also have a secret menu of services that we offer to our clients above and beyond what’s listed below.  Why not uncover a few of them by contacting us about your project.

WordPress Theme Development

Give your business the site it deserves

It’s said that WordPress now powers 34% of all websites on the internet, including the websites of big names such as Disney and The Rolling Stones.  It even represents Sweden. 

So, safe to say, it can handle whatever your business needs may require.  

Be it purely promotional or fully commercial, let us design and develop the perfect theme for your business using the WordPress content management system (CMS). 

Website Redesign

Dazzle your visitors, wow your customers

When your site isn’t pulling its weight in getting you views and visits, it may be time to consider getting a redesign. 

Whether it needs a makeover, a little tummy-tuck, or a full-on scaffolded do-over, we can definitely give it the attention it needs.  Think of us as a day spa for your site. Our designs will leave it looking fresh and new ready to shine.  

Website Design & Development

A uniquely tailored site with bespoke graphics and code

Got an innovative idea that will require a specialised site? 

Need some bespoke hand-coded solution to show that idea off online?

We’re more than able (and happy) to discuss your needs and work with you to develop the site that ticks all your boxes. 

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